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Empowering Startups with Expert Guidance
At Founder15, we accelerate startup growth through strategic advice and actionable insights. We provide VC-level board advice without the equity cost, helping established founders scale their businesses effectively.
Our Approach:
Comprehensive Support for Startup Success
We offer tailored services to address the unique challenges founders face, including personalized action plans, revenue optimisation strategies, strategic partnership opportunities, and expert advice to navigate complex decisions.
Meet The F15 Team
Mike Bank
A seasoned investment banking professional turned venture capitalist and entrepreneur, Mike brings over 15 years of experience in M&A, angel investing, and venture building.

He co-founded Underdog Accelerator to support solo founders and has mentored 100+ early-stage founders.

Mike's background includes co-founding a venture studio, serving as a 2x VC-backed founder, and holding key roles at a top-tier seed VC firm.
Steve Franco
An entrepreneur passionate about democratising startup success,
Steve has over 12+ years of experience launching and leading ventures across various industries.

He founded Cloudsurf Aviation, specialising in affordable training equipment for the aviation industry.

Steve combines his experience as a trained pilot with strategic advice and lean building principles to provide hands-on operational insights to founders.
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